A Vote Here and There

It is possible that the Democrats will take the majority position in the Senate or the House of Representatives or both today.  The pundits and political prognosticators are predicting a Donkey triumph in the House, but that the Never-Forgettors will retain the pole-position in the Senate.  We don’t take the so-called expert analysis of the talking heads too seriously, as the pre-vote predictions and polls seem to hold as much weight as Sports Illustrated’s preseason predictions for the NCAA Final Four next March.  Which is to say we don’t pay them much attention.

 In the Philadelphia area, where Mr. Thursday, at the moment, resides, there are a number of close races for various Congressional positions, and there are very few decent candidates running for them.  We’re torn between voting for complacent incumbents, snake-oil salesmen first-timers, or voting for no one.  We’re also debating a philosophy of always voting against the incumbent in an effort to keep the government progressive (in a literal sense, meaning that the government would by dynamic and keep changing, even if that change happens to be for a more conservative direction).

 For our part, Mr. Thursday will place his vote in an effort to help education and environment and peace and things, and tonight we’ll ignore traditional coverage as The Daily Show will be on twice and House will be on, as well. 

Here’s hoping that whoever gets elected today does a better job than whomever came before.  For all the criticism thrust upon President Bush, Congress deserves criticism far more severe.  While the President merely pushed his agenda with all the force he could muster, Congree completely and utterly failed to check or balance him.  Democrats and Republicans both failed at the jobs to which they were elected, and having a fervent love of America, Mr. Thursday is hoping the next two years go better than the last two, regardless of who’s “in power”. 


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