If Uncle Sam Wants You, He’s Going To Have You

In a move considered shocking to those who do not watch C-Span, Democratic Representative Charles Rangel (NY) wants to reinstate the draft.  The Congressman is a Purple Heart veteran of the Korean War.  The link there will take you to the story as told by The New York Times, but Mr. Thursday would like to note that we learned of this story through Fox News’ show Hannity and Colmes, which is an impossibly entertaining show for such a surfeit of reasons that we can’t possibly get into them now.  But fear not, we’ll get around to that eventually. 

Regardless, Congressman Rangel has long been outspoken against the Iraq War.  Upon hearing this story, Mr. Thursday’s initial reaction was that Mr. Rangel had done a 180 and decided that not-war was not the answer, and shared John McCain’s unpopular opinion that the war needs more troops so it may be won. 

As it turns out, he’s introducing the bill in an effort to get Congress to take the war more seriously.  He believes that if Congress were sending their own children to Iraq, they would have done a better job of fighting the war, and they certainly would have not gone to Iraq on such flimsy evidence (it’s worth noting that Rangel has consistently voted against the war from the very beginning). 

It’s reassuring that of the 535 United States congressmen, at least 1 is feeling the effects of this war on some sort of personal level.  Every time we here the term “re-deployment” and, in earlier, simpler, happier times, “shock and awe”, we couldn’t help feeling as though the government thinks war is a video game.  The victims are empty dogtags and another notch on some statisticians chart. 

 Mr. Thursday doesn’t presume to know what the right course of action is in Iraq.  The commission gave three suggestions, entitled: Go Big, Go Long, or Go Home.  Go Big refers to adding thousands of more troops–we assume 400,000 troops big.  Go Long means keeping present troop levels in Iraq for a long long time, essentially “staying the course.”  Go Home is just what it sounds like. 

Go Home is the most appetizing option.  If Iraq is merely part of the War on Terror, consider it a battle lost, and go shore up Afghanistan.  Protect non-Arabs in Sudan and Chad.  Go Big is a frightening concept, but it makes sense.  Go Long… Well, Mr Thursday has yet to understand the argument for that. 


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