Maintainin’ Your Rep

There’s a long standing tradition in American national sports broadcasts involving a Philadelphia sports team. The network broadcasting the game is obligated to hire either (1) a self-righteous commentator like Joe Buck to bash the Philadelphia sports fans at every opportunity, bringing up the Snowballs For Santa incident if it’s a football game, and it’s baseball spinoff, Batteries for J.D. Drew during the summertime. This, incidentally, is damn annoying for those of us who live in Philadelphia and watch sports.

The other option for networks is to hire ex-players who used to play against the Eagles/Phillies/etc, such as Michael Irvin, and for these players to recall with horror their playing days and what the treatment from the fans could be like. This is equally annoying, but mainly because we have to guess that Michael Irvin is saying all-sorts of mean, nasty things, because, well, we don’t know what he’s actually saying.

Regardless, it has always been Mr. Thursday’s position that Philadelphia fans are no worse than Boston or New York. They’re passionate, they show up for every game, and they demand a lot from their players. Since the national broadcast teams have to bring up throwing snowballs at a drunk, disheveled Santa Claus in 1968, it seems as though some Philly fans have become a little restless that their reputation keeps citing a nearly 40-year old event.

So, last weekend, with the New York Giants we so inferior toward in town, some fans took it upon themselves to import snow to the stadium parking lot in a big truck and chuck snowballs at visiting Giants fans. In case anyone was unaware, it was about 65 degrees at kickoff for Sunday’s game.

We got this story from Run Up the Score, and have no idea if it’s true, but, if so, it’s amazing. We’re amazed. This is amazing.

If anyone can confirm this story, or provide some visual accompaniment (pictures, video, whatever), send us a line at MrThursday128 [at] gmail [.] com.


In news that is only related because it, too, would fit under this title, President George W. Bush is going to give a speech tonight about the “revised” plan for Iraq. The plan isn’t going to be much of a surprise, as it will apparently call for a “surge” of more troops into Iraq to do whatever it is that more troops would do. The various American newspapers have already written numerous articles and columns about the plan that hasn’t been revealed in the speech that hasn’t been spoken. It’ll air on all the major networks tonight at 9PM, EST. We’ll be tuning in to find out what we already know.



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2 responses to “Maintainin’ Your Rep

  1. Hi — I heard about the story on WIP (I was listening from work here in Denver).

    I wish the media wasn’t afraid to use the word “escalation” in regard to Bush’s plan. It’s going to suck. Poor soldiers.

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