Early Thursday morning the notoriously neutral Switzerland decided they had enough.  They invaded.  Liechtenstein.  The Swiss invaded Liechtenstein.  By accident.


170 Swiss soldiers on a routine training exercise (isn’t that how all these things begin?) accidentally wandered into Liechtenstein, a country of 34,000 people and no army.  We know what you’re thinking: “The Swiss have an Army?!”  Yeah, we were surprised, too.

Liechtenstein is a teeny-tiny country between the borders of Austria and Switzerland.  Though both the Swiss and the Liechtensteinians are playing down the accidental invasion, Austria is more than a bit bitter.  Said the Austrian spokesmen, “We’ve been trying to invade Liechtenstein  for years and the UN keeps flipping out.  How come the Swiss can just get away with it like this?”  The UN has not yet replied.

More on this situation as it develops.


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  1. you

    WELLLLLLL!?!?!?! you said more to come, i havent seen anything else. i wanna know what happened damnit!

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