Beware! Here Be First Person Singular!

whitecontraption.jpgHello readers!

This blog was started in October with an intention that is still stated in the “About” section. At no point was this supposed to become a “personal” blog–at the very least, if any element of my personal life appeared in this blog, it would only be to further an external point. I had also a hope of adding more authors to the blog–in no small part because I struggle to update as often as I would like, and because the more viewpoints, the better, in my humble opinion.

The purpose of the editorial “we” throughout this blog’s short history is not, as some commenter suggested, in imitation of Deadspin, or any other specific blog or piece of writing that I’m aware of. It is merely to give identity to someone besides myself–Mr. Thursday–and to keep the topics seperate from myself. I like to think that, in this endeavour, I have been largely successful. It has also been to create a sense of this largeness to the blog–hence the references to “The Curious Mechanism”.

But now some changes have come to the Curious Mechanism, and as such, I want to recognize them. First, is that I, TC, am now one of 3 writers for this blog. I am still the main writer for the blog, and for all purposes practical, impractical, and completely irrelevant, I am still Mr. Thursday. One of the new writers has already begun writing for this blog, and the other will start doing so this week. The use of “we” will be considerably lessened at this point–I don’t anticipate the other two authors making much use of it. I will continue to use it only as it pertains to basic axioms of the Curious Mechanism.

After the break, some short bios on the people who will be bringing Mr. Thursday’s Curious Mechanism to your computer screen. They’re both good people of whom I’m very fond, and very smart; they both double majored in Political Science and Philosophy in college, which means they’re both smart and poor. Oh, and they both have the free time to write for me with no incentives whatsoever.


TC is me, and I am Mr. Thursday, son of Mike and Gina. No, I will not tell you what the initials stand for, and no I do not use periods for the initials. Unnecessary punctuation, if you ask me, or if you ask Mark Twain, who was pretty smart. I am obsessive about baseball, which is something you’ll be forced to read a lot about in the upcoming months. Otherwise, I’m quite fond of grammar, quite fearful of zombies, and quite proudly the tallest blogger on this website. I spend far too much money on music, and firmly believe that women who can sing are more attractive than women who cannot. I fear the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano and I fear giant asteroids. I’m not paranoid.


Katie is the aforementioned “Mrs. Thursday”. She is working on lightening up in her writing, but it’s a work in progress. Katie was raised alongside Romulus and Remus by the mother wolf and aided in the original building of Rome, but her presence was lost to history books due to discrimination against women. She is terrified of contagious disease. Her favorite beverage is a beer called Aldaris Porteris, which cannot be found anywhere, which causes her to carelessly send Mr. Thursday on hour-long drives to get six of these brews. He doesn’t really mind.


Paul is the proud son of Ray and Arlene, who grew up in Philly, learning to shower in pure grain alcohol and develop the endurance and skill to kill Wolfman Jack with one mighty stab of his golden trident. Paul’s visage does not appear in photographs, giving endless frustration to his legions of friends whose excited picture-taking reveals only a blank photo which quickly combusts.


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  1. Congratulations!

    I’m so lonely.

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