GoodEnough For Me: Writing Because I Have To

docgooden.jpgAs previously noted, GoodEnough For Me is an ongoing series that complements The Extrapolater’s   Smells Like Pujols

Really, I don’t have much to write here until Opening Day and we start counting stats.  I’ve got my form of measurement:  a combination of FIP and my own version of Stuff, scaled for innings pitched against Doc Gooden.  Cocaine usage will be used as a tiebreaker.

As for what players I will be looking at, well, I’ve selected a few of last year’s rookies, just for fun.  I’ll also plug in the numbers from just about every 2007 rookie.  If I miss one or ten, it means they didn’t pitch enough to become relevant in the discussion anyway.  I am going to look at about 115 pitchers this year.  Obviously, I’m not going to cover in detail each of these pitchers, nor shall I post the weekly stats for each of these guys every Monday.  I’ll look at the top ten or so, each week, with some numbers and short remarks, and with hope, every week, I’ll give you a Mr. Thursday scouting report, based on a chance to observe the young hurler on TV, or, if I’m unlucky, on the interweb. 

Now, there’s going to be another entry next week, and then we reach Opening Day.  While it’s unlikely that I’ll have any calculable statistics by the time I post, I will, at the very least, be able to share with you all the Opening Day rookie pitchers, so we can see who’s getting a leg up on the competition. 

 Next week, I’ll share with you some of the blogs and other baseball related sites and the Curious Mechanism reads almost fanatically, so you, too, can breath in our giddy baseball anticipation.

 For whoever cares: breaking out of the habit of using the royal We is a lot more difficult than expected.  Sheesh.

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