I Love Earth. I’ve Lived Here My Whole Life.

Okay, I suspect I’ve advertised for Discovery Channel programming in this space in the past (what? I haven’t? Okay, well, watch the Discovery Channel.) I love Discovery. I watch repeats of MythBusters just about whenever they air to the point where I can provide you the following list, off the top of my head:

Professions/Unusual Skills Held By MythBuster Jamie Hyneman (The One With the Sweet ‘Stache)

  1. Special Effects creator
  2. Fluent in Russian
  3. Certified scuba diver
  4. Pet shop owner
  5. Machinist
  6. Chef
  7. Sea Captain

He may also be entirely insane. I’m actually somewhat afraid of him.

Anyway, Discovery has a new 11 part series called (dum dada DUM!) Planet Earth starting this weekend. I’m going watch it. And then I’m probably going to write about it here, because, well, sometimes I can’t help but write about random crap on TV.

So, Sunday night, 8PM, watch it. Discovery Channel.

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One response to “I Love Earth. I’ve Lived Here My Whole Life.

  1. I told you last night that he was also a Wilderness Survivalist. He makes fire by using a bow and arrow.

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