GoodEnough For Me: Reading Material

docgooden.jpgAs previously noted, GoodEnough for Me  is a companion piece to The Extrapolater’s Smells Like Pujols series. 

Among The Curious Mechanism’s favorite elements of this brave, new interworld we live in are the choices we can make.  Or rather, the multitude of channels through which we get information.  Certainly, we try to cover a reasonably wide swath of territory here, but we are no sort of way to find everything you want to know, and we don’t want to be, anyway.

And while we’ve got our own little niche on the baseball market, there are a ton of great blogs and other websites out there covering baseball.  We don’t know half as many as we’d like, and we still know more than we can read as often as they update.  It’s exciting and depressing at the same time.  That said, after the break, some baseball sites worth visiting over the course of the season.  I’ll even avoid leading you to all the Phillies blogs I read.

FIRE JOE MORGAN:  The single best repository of baseball writer mocking on the internet.  I can’t imagine how these guys haven’t gone insane after reading and writing about so much bad analysis, but thankfully, they’re still going strong.

38 Pitches:  Curt Schilling’s blog.  It’s been a great read so far, and if he can keep up the pace, writing often, his analysis of his own starts will not be something to be missed this season.

Baseball-Reference:  The best database for detailed information on, well, just about everyone.

Baseball Prospectus:  You know all those “weird” stats like VORP and WARP and EqA?  This is where they came from.  Take the time to learn what all the acronyms mean, and then enjoy a different way of looking at performance. 

Baseball Musings:  Authored by David Pinto, who worked previously for STATs, INC, ESPN, and elsewhere before turning to blogging full time.  Frequently updated, well written, and clear interest in the game itself. 

Minor Details: An easy to read, oft updated take on high level minor league prospects.  I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure what kind of updating there will be during the season, but so far it’s an interesting read.

The Dugout: There is nothing even remotely like this elsewhere on the internet.  This is the chat room for Major Leaguers.  I cannot express how wonderful this site is.

Diamond Cutter: Personal baseball blog of Matthew Whipps, who writes Minor Details.  He picked the Phils to head to the World Series. 

The Soul of Baseball: Joe Posnanski, whose praised I’ve sung on this blog before, has his own blog.  Apparently, there wasn’t enough room in newspapers for his considerable story-telling.  Lots of fun stuff, including some recent scouting reports on fictional players.

Yark Work:  I’m not even sure how to describe this.  Satire of anything baseball, perhaps?  It’s funny, though.  Read this entry to get an idea of what’s going on, and then just keep reading.

Babes Love Baseball:  These broads know what they’re doin’.  The news, with snarkiness. 


Buster Olney: His analysis isn’t so great (he tends to buy into things like “clutchness” and “grit” and the rest of the nonsense that FJM rightly disparages), but his blog is basically the ultimate Notes column, and that alone makes it mandatory morning reading. 

Rob Neyer:  He’s an excellent analyst, and a decent writer, and he certainly ranks among ESPN’s most reasonable, intelligent columnists. 

Jayson Stark: You might as well call this a trivia column.  When he actually talks baseball, sometimes I like him, and sometimes I don’t.  When he’s just talking about random, strange, and interesting things happening in the game, he’s definitely a worthwhile read. 

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