In Which We Post Often

Okay, so, just below here there’s a GoodEnough post about blogs worth reading.  One such blog is Curt Schilling’s, which is fantastic.  Now, Curt has long had a bit of a testy relationship with Boston sportswriter Dan Shaugnessy. 

Shaugnessy recently wrote an article mocking Schilling and those who read his blog

I don’t really care for Shaugnessy’s kind of writing, so I heard about the article through David at Baseball Musings who viciously calls Shaugnessy a “cut rate Murray Chass”.   Now, there’s plenty Schilling can do to respond–and, this being Curt Schilling, the likely guess was that there would be a response. 

What did Schilling say?  At the top of his most recent post, he writes:

The only response I have to Carl Everett’s Curly Haired Boyfriend is this.

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win”

Putting his inherent ’toolness’ on display for all the world to see did far more than I could ever hope to do by trying to explain what a dope he is. 

 We’re going to rule this, point Schilling.  But here’s hoping Shaugnessy’s indefatigable asshattery doesn’t wear Schill’s blogging down over the course of the season.


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