Crazy Old Ladies

When you think you’ve heard everything.

Two women, Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt were arrested on Thursday on the charge of insurance fraud. These two seventy-five and seventy-three year old women are being accused of becoming friends with transient homeless men and then brutally killing them. These women would buy the homeless men places to live, food to eat, and-most importantly-life insurance. Then, in hit-and-run car accidents-they would kill the men and collect the insurance money.

Link to a description of their actions and indictment.

This kind of psychopathic behavior is outrageous to the Curious Mechanism. Not only did these women abuse the trust that these two men placed in them (Paul Vados and Kenneth McDavid), but they were cruel and weird and obviously nuts. These women received $2.3 million after the men were hit in seemingly unrelated hit-and-run accidents. At the moment, the two women are only charged with fraud, but the FBI is trying to build cases against them.

Perhaps it is just me, but I believe in the general good of humans. However, these crimes appear to be devoid of human empathy-and at the same time are creepily rational. Perhaps Nietzsche would have a field day with this kind of action (the will to power, master morality, whatever), but it appears simply to be a morally wrong and corrupt action.

If you seem to have a sweet old woman living in the apartment across the hall from you, keep one eye on her. Who knows when she might run you over with her car. Which is the perfect excuse because old female drivers seem to do that to people all the time.

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