GoodEnough For Me: Opening Day

docgoodensmall.jpgTo be honest, I’m so giddy with excitement over all the baseball that’s going to start in 15 minutes that I can’t bring myself good analytical baseball writing. Luckily, however, there’s not much analysis to be done yet. There are roughly 60 rookie pitchers on Opening Day starting lineups this year. The complete list can be found on the GoodEnough page. Last night, in the first of the opening games, between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets, we saw two rookies: Joe Smith of the Mets and Tyler Johnson of the Cardinals. You can find the boxscore here. So, with only two pitchers, here’s the standings:

Rank Pitcher Stuff Stuff2 FIP

N/A Doc Gooden 40 40 2.19

1. Tyler Johnson 37 0.27 1.30

2. Joe Smith 64 0.10 6.33

Smith only made one out, but it was a strikeout, which helps his Stuff immensely. The hit and walk he gave up while in the game immensely hurts his FIP, which is an ugly 6.33. Johnson pitched a full inning, giving up no hits, walks, or runs, and striking out one.

The updated scores should be posted in the reasonably near future. By next week, we should have plenty of rooks to score and talk about.


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