Do They All Die? An Introduction


“Do They All Die?” is our newest on-going column. It will be published most Fridays, and discuss, well, I’ll let Andy tell you:

The story of this column goes back to a midnight screening in the fateful summer of 2004 of Evil Dead 2 at a prominent independent movie theatre in the Philadelphia region frequented by the contributors of this website. One of our number that night (thankfully not one of the contributors) was unsure of the narrative outcome of Evil Dead 2 and asked the, at first glance, stupid question, “Wait. Do they all die?” We doubled over in laughter at the time and continue to laugh at this comment and this person (bless her/him) even today, nearly three years on.

We at Mr. Thursday like to think we are a charitable group and I would like to, at the risk of presumption, hazard a guess at what this individual may have meant to say: “Bruce Campbell films are so absurd and ironic, does the narrative content even matter? I mean, aren’t we just consuming spectacle?” I may be giving this person too much credit here but I must admit that I can’t recall if everyone died at the end of Evil Dead 2. And I’m not sure it matters. I may not really remember what happened in Evil Dead 2 but I do recall what I thought about it and how it made me feel (very hysterical and vaguely nauseous, respectively).

Somewhat ironically, this column entitled “Do They All Die?” does not seek to answer the questions found in the narrative content of the film in question. On the contrary, the goal of this space is to address the deeper issues in a given film, whatever we deem them to be. We begin Friday with Shortbus, a rich text conducive to these goals. As we progress, we may slip up, get lazy and tell you all about how cool an explosion is. We ask your forgiveness in advance.


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