He Doesn’t Even Do THAT Well

Buster Olney, a baseball writer for ESPN.com, keeps a fantastic little blog in which he (daily) links to baseball articles about every team in their respective major newspapers. Reading his blog every day is one of the best ways to keep abreast of what’s happening in the league.

Buster is a Vanderbilt fan. I know this because he mentions it. A LOT. But, it’s not a problem. He’s an alum, and the sum total of his frequent allusions to his alma mater are only a sentence or two long, often tongue-in-cheek, and at the very end of his considerable posts.

Jim Caple is a baseball writer for ESPN.com’s Page 2. He writes articles about, ahem, nothing. I don’t even read him when I can help it, as I frequently find him infuriatingly dumb. That, and his ugly mug appears on the page, and no one wants to see that. For your misery, I’ve included his standard pic here. Ugly, ain’t he?

Anyway, Caple’s developed this nasty habit of mentioning his distaste for the war in Iraq and the way it’s being handled a lot of columns. Now, I’m not exactly a gung-ho supporter of all that nonsense, but I’m ESPN to hear about baseball. So tell me why Bonds won’t hit 22 taters this year, and let’s move on.

Dear Mr. Caple,

About your anti-war advocacy on ESPN.com:

STOP. Please, stop.

Sincerely always,

The Curious Mechanism.

(See how I signed from the Curious Mechanism? Sounds official, doesn’t it? Like it’ll work, right? Right?)


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