I’ll Be Out Watching the Phils Lose All Weekend, You Can Stay Home and Read This

whitecontraption.jpgThe Phils have a 3 game set at home against the Astros this weekend.  Myers vs Oswalt, Hamels vs Jennings, and (possibly) Garcia vs Woody Williams.  I’m going to all 3 games.  Normally, I’d like our chances.  We’re facing a team with no offense outside of chubby Lance Berkman and fabulously overweight Carlos Lee.  On Sunday, the Astros’ starting pitcher is a wing and a prayer.  That said, my beloved Phils have looked terribleso far.  Let’s root for a turnaround.  (And yes, if they were winning, there’d be gloating posts on a nearly daily basis).  On the flip side, it’s Friday the 13th, and though I’m not suspicious, I’ver heard these baseball playing-types are, so maybe things will turn around?  Am I groping?  Yes.  Am I desperate?  Not quite yet.

Anyway, if you’re at the game, we’ll be in or around section 420.  If you’re staying home, here’s a few items of interest:

ADDED: LeAnne Schreiber’s “second” column as ESPN ombudsman says more than every column George Solomon, her predecessor, wrote during his entire employ with the worldwide leader.  Fantastic.  [ESPN]

I tried a maneuver like this to get out of work in high school.  The execution was different, but the result was exactly the same.  [Gaijin Tonic]

Joe Posnanski has one of the most interesting blogs around, I think.  He’s giving out his own Best Defensive Teams, doing a division at a time.  I’m linking to this one only because he gets a cameo from Bill James for the Kansas City All-Defensive roster.  [The Soul of Baseball]

The Metatron, and, I think, the rest of the choir of angels, are not too happy with the LA Angels of Anaheim.  [Yard Work]

I’ve said before that I think I’d go insane and depressed if I wrote for FJM for too long.  Just the thought of reading that much bad journalism–and to have tons of people writing to you with submissions of bad journalism…sheesh.  Anyway, I looks like Ken Tremendous can’t take it anymore.  [Fire Joe Morgan]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaterscomes out today.  I think I’m going to see it tomorrow afternoon.  Or sometime, depending on when the Phils get rained out.  Christ, are the creators weird.  [The CinemAttic]

Really, this ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ story is excellent.  (It’s a pay-site, I think.  Sorry!)[New York Times]

The inside scoop on Kaibutsu’s first home start.  [The Dugout]

Could I link to this site every week?  Probably.  Will I?  Probably.  To be honest, though, this map is pretty creepy.  [strange maps]

I love the way John Darnielle writes.  I love it.  Really.  If he updated 100 times a day, I’d probably just quit my job, and sit at home to try to keep up with his words.  That said, I’ve never even heard of the band he’s talking about here, but I think I love them, and will buy their album the day it comes out.  I am not a rational person.  [Last Plane to Jakarta]

We have some cautious optimism for Josh Hamilton, and I share the sentiment: here’s hoping he makes the most of his opportunity this time around.  He doesn’t need to be a 3rd Millenium (sounds so much cooler than 21st century, eh?) version of Darryl Strawberry.  [Extrapolater]


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