I was half watching the news last night after Lost when I heard the words Boston University, my soon-to-be alma mater, spoken. When I heard these words, my ears perked up. Perhaps some scientist at the school discovered the cure to cancer. Maybe the news anchors were discussing the Barack Obama rally at the school on Friday. Maybe John Silber, BU’s former High Overlord, was donating another cold million to the city. But no, I was shocked and disgusted that a member of my school community decided that he wanted to be a copy cat of Monday’s shooting at Virginia Tech. [Link]

Andrew Rosenblum, a part-time student at BU, allegedly sent his ex-girlfriend e-mails threatening her, her friends, and her family, saying, “It’s gonna be VT all over again.”

The events of Monday were shocking for the entire nation and have rocked our comprehension of man’s ability to hate. I am horrified when I put on CNN or The New York Times and see this killer. Rosenblum’s unconscionable acts were callous, and brutal. To consciously decide to threatenan act that is so fresh in the minds of everyone around you is twisted.

Hopefully, this Rosenblum kid will get his life together, get the help he needs, and never consider threatening such a heinous act again. But I am still amazed that there are people in the world who would consider a copycat crime. After Columbine, Ted Kaczynski, the Snipers and countless other tragedies, these nut cases creep into our news by attempting to or executing similar crimes.

I’m simply amazing that one of these individuals came out of a community that I belong to.


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