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whitecontraption.jpgIt’s been is strange and difficult week.  There are no decent words to sum up the events of this week, or anyone’s reactions to them.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Virginia Tech.  God bless. 

In another note, we received some strange and inflammatory comments this week.  We’re not in the habit of moderating comments, and don’t want to be.  That said, if you, like “jk”, leave accusations and nonsense in the comments, and provide only a false e-mail address, we’re going to get rid of your comment.  You want to make anonymous statements?  Get your own blog. 

Pela is an excellent band from Brooklyn.  Amazingly, hardly anyone knows who they are.  Here’s a performance of a new, unrecorded song, “Philadelphia”.  [Dinner with the Band]

Wide slide?  Bulldoze the catcher?  No thank you! [We are the Postmen

MLB hones an umpire who, it seems, was some kind of asshole.  [Awful Officiating]

I am driving the Pat Burrell bandwagon from Philadelphia.  There are not a lot of passengers.  And Pat does not have a lazy eye.  [The Extrapolater]

Speaking of Philadelphia, apparently we’re getting our first “up-scale” McDonalds.  I don’t know what that means, either.  [Philadelphia Will Do]

Dmitri Young is completely insane.  [The Dugout]

Brett Myers, no longer a starter.  (Sigh).  Things are not well.  [Babes Love Baseball]


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