Friday Show and Tell

The Phillies are probably getting rained out, again, so we’re sitting at home debating on whether to spend $100 on a six-pack of very rare beer

How good is Alex Rodriguez?  So good that a nearly imperceptible change in his swing has turned him from so-good-Yankees-fans-hate-him to Oh-My-God-He-Could-Have-200-RBIs-This-Year!  [The Baseball Analysts]

Aeon Flux isn’t my type of babe, but this is, perhaps, KSK’s finest draft yet.  [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

A couple days ago, we read an article about clutch hitting, and considered the history of clutch.  Other people read that article, too, and had a different sort of reaction.  [Fire Joe Morgan]

Someone’s just not working as hard as they used to over there.  [McSweeney’s]

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