GoodEnough for Me: Damn You, ESPN

docgoodensmall.jpgAnd damn you, Comcast, too.

I have OnDemand’s Extra Innings Package.  I shell out the 175 bucks for it in the summer because I would like to watch baseball from 6PM, when I get home from work, until whenever I go to bed (anywhere from 11-2AM). 

Last week, we had the debut of Phil Hughes for the Yankees.  Baseball’s most heralded minor league pitching prospect making his debut for baseball’s biggest team.  Naturally, Comcast decided not to include the game for Extra Innings (which is baffling to me as I was under the impression that I was getting EVERY game).  So I was forced to watch the first few innings of Hughes’ debut on my 15 inch laptop.  Boo. 

As for ESPN.  I don’t play fantasy baseball anymore, and I wouldn’t be using ESPN if I still did, despite that absurd commercials, but I’ve heard all about the serious problems you’ve been having ESPN.  And I’m really disappointed to see that that’s beginning to really creep over into those of us who just want to look at regular stats. 

See, we’ve been using ESPN for our stat-keeping thus far because they’ve got one really stellar advantage over other, better sites, like Baseball Reference and Baseball Prospectus.  ESPN lets you filter so you only look at the rookies.  This would be exceptionally handy, if it worked.  But, lately, it hasn’t. 

Normally, I update the GoodEnough chartson Sunday afternoons.  However, ESPN was mangled yesterday.  I’d go to the stats, select rookies, and select “Non-Qualified” so I could look at relievers and recent callups, too, and I’d still only get the pitchers with enough innings to qualify for the ERA title–Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jason Hirsh, and Kei Igawa.  Trying it again earlier this morning, I could expand it to Non-Qualified, but only look at some of the stats I needed.  Resolving myself to just take what I could get, and I could look the rest up manually, I started looking up various pitchers.  This is when I noticed that the chart I was looking at on had Hideki Okajima with 8 2/3 IP.  Which would mean the Japanese lefty pitched 1/3 of an inning this week.  That’s just not true.  As a result, I don’t trust the entire chart. 

So, for the moment, GoodEnough is not updated.  As soon as ESPN corrects their stats, I’ll set about to calculate my stats.  If anyone else knows another good place for finding stats that has an option to filter for rookies, I’d love to hear about it.  Either leave a comment or send me an e-mail. 

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