GoodEnough: Tim the Enchanter

“There are some who call me…Tim.”

The San Francisco Giants are, apparently, calling up a rookie pitcher, Timothy LeRoy Lincecum. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the kid is a STUD. He’s ranks as part of the Big 3 for this year’s pitching prospects (alongside Phil Hughes and the Reds’ Homer Bailey). What’s unusual–and exciting–about Lincecum is his heavily unorthodox delivery. He’s only 5’10” tall, and throws high 90s heat. Baseball Think Factory does a fantastic analysis of his delivery here.

The only downside of this call-up, of course, is that he’ll be pitching against my Phillies. Lucky for you, however, he debuts on Sunday Night Baseball, so no matter where you are, you can watch him toss. Here’s hoping Joe Morgan doesn’t have something stupid to say about him. In either case, I’m rooting for a rough debut, and then the pleasure of watching The Enchanter fly up the leaderboard. Be gone John Danks! You shall sully my Top 5 no longer with your incredible WHIP!

Lincecum has been absolutely incredible through just about every phase of his career thus far. He doesn’t give up home runs; he strikes out EVERYBODY; people can’t hit him. The only problem? Fella can get a little wild. Through three years of college, his BB/9 ran: 6.57, 6.12. 4.57, and last year in the minors (high and low A ball) it sank even a bit further to 3.46. It’s still a bit higher than you’d like, and, especially with against patient major leaguers, he could run into some trouble with the free passes. To his credit, the walks are trending downward, and Randy Johnson was a pretty good pitcher, even when he was walking 5 batters per 27 outs. If The Enchanter can get them to float around 3BB/9IP, he could be devastating. A patient team, however, could give him a lot of trouble.

Here’s hoping for that. Ya know, just for one night.


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