GoodEnough: One Up and One Over

docgoodensmall.jpgGoodEnough for Me is an on-going analysis of the rookie pitchers during the 2007 baseball season. The series was inspired by, and serves as companion piece to, The Extrapolater’s Smells Like Pujols series, which is taking a look at some of the top rookie position players. You can find Smells Like Pujols HERE.

I’ve tweaked the formulas on the chart just a bit, and as a result, I lowered all the scores a couple of rungs.  Putting that in perspective, a guy like Daisuke Matsuzaka had a phenomenal week.  Following last week’s abysmal outing on May 3rd, The Monster rebounded by allowing only 8 baserunners in 7 innings, and striking out 8, for his best performance since mid-April. 

Making an outstanding debut this week is 24-year-old Justin Germano, for San Diego.  His numbers are, amazingly, even better than  they are on the chart, because after a second start, Germano’s ERA is a miniscule 0.69.  If you look Germano up on his ESPN card, you’ll notice an interesting thing about him: yes, that’s a Phillies’ hat.  Adam Eaton has a 7.43 ERA.  The Phillies’ released him.  I’m not bitter.  Germano’s a groundball guy who hasn’t actually generated that many grounders this year.  Of course, he gets a nice buffer on those flyballs from playing in expansive PETCO Park.  He’s not striking anyone out so far, but not walking anyone either, and his defense is making plays behind him.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’s the real deal or if he’s just lucky. 

Washington is moving Levale Speigner from the ‘pen to the rotation.  Speigner’s ERA is above league average, but his other stats indicate bad things in the future.  Speigner’s K/BB ratio is 1/2.  That’s not a typo.  He’s got 12 walks in 14 1/3 innings, and only 6 strikeouts.  With a WHIP of nearly 2, being unfamiliar with Speigner on our leaderboard is not surprising, because, well, he’s not on it.  He’s going to have to really turn things around to give his team a chance to win.  If they even have a chance, anyway. 

One last item.  Added another stat to the chart, called FIPruns.  As well as I can understand it, FIPruns indicates how many runs above league average a pitcher has saved his team, based only his pitching and not on his defense.  Gooden saved his team 51 runs in 1984, so it’s unlikely that anyone is going to catch him, but it’ll be interesting to see who can approach him. 


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