It’s That Time of Year

Every year, our favorite baseball writer, JoePo, writes up his “The Season Is Over!” column, and a few minutes are spent pondering the despair of fans a thousand miles away.

Well, that column arrived on Sunday. Sorry Royals fans.

Here’s a highlight, with Joe talking about the various aspects of the Kansas City last place standing:

Base running: One scout says the Royals do not have a single player on the team with above-major-league-average speed. Not one. The Royals have made up for this liability by running into a lot of outs. The best/worst so far happened earlier in the week against Oakland when Peña was on second and a fly ball was hit just behind the bag. Oakland second baseman Mark Ellis caught the ball about 30 feet behind the bag, and Peña, for reasons that will only be apparent to him, decided to tag up and force a throw. He did force it — Ellis threw the ball to the pitcher covering second, and he tagged out Peña.

The replays showed that Peña was probably not out — the tag was late. But Buddy Bell did not argue the call, and afterward, he offered my favorite quote of 2007. He said, “I don’t argue for stupid baseball.”

(As I was writing that, Esteban German got doubled up when Grudzielanek hit a routine fly ball to right field. Unlike Peña, he was definitely out.)

You can read the rest of it here.


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2 responses to “It’s That Time of Year

  1. Some season I’ll have to save the JoPo “This Could Be Our Year” column until the “This Season Is Over” article comes out, and display them side by side so we can see what JoPo gave up on.

  2. TC

    If I recall properly, he was less ambitious this year than in years past. Something along the lines of, “No, not the playoffs. But .500, sure!”

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