A Grand Return

whitecontraption.jpgDid you miss me? 

How long has it been since I’ve posted?  Two weeks?  More than that?  Allow me to explain why, in brief. 

I started this site a few months ago with simple intentions.  It was to act as a thorough commentary and source of information–relevant or obscure–for anyone who chances to come by.  The biggest thing that I hoped would eventually separate Mr Thursday’s Curious Mechanism from the million other, better blogs that cover sports or science or music or other nonsense would be our length.  The depth of our analysis.  I was, in the beginning, less concerned with the quantity of posts, and far more concerned with their quality. 

Due to the infrequency of posting on this site, and my total lack of self-advertising, we got very few hits.  For the record, to the best of my knowledge, only once has any member of the Curious Mechanism submitted one of our posts for linking from another website.  We were unsuccessful.  We were lucky enough to get linked from The Big Lead and suddenly our hit rate skyrocketed.  Well, in our measly terms.  We now get around 200 hits a day.  Puny by most standards, but considered that we averaged about 50/day before TBL linked us in April, we have to view this as a considerable improvement. 

Around that time, I realized that, hey, the more posts we produce, the most people will come to the site.  Thus, the additions of Andy, Katie, and Paul to the site.  I have neither the time nor particular inclination to write substantial, varied posts on a daily basis, and these three writers helped, for a time, to raise the bar for the site, provided excellent, regular, content.  This meant that I had to account for roughly 4 posts/week myself, to keep the average of at least 1 post per day alive.  The site, as a result, continued to grow, somewhat, and I have to admit a certain degree of pleasure derived from this. 

I realized though, in mid-May, I was getting sick of this.  My posting had gone from occasional and, I think, interesting, to constant, and draining.  When was the last time I wrote a post of substance on anything not covered in one of the regular features (i.e. GoodEnough, Book Shelf, Foot & Meter, Sine Macula)?  I’d estimate April. 

Now, ambition is a part of my self-perceived downfall.  The desire to have a mass of readers, thousands of hits a day, etc etc.  The other part of this, I kid you not, is probably baseball season.  You know what I think about pretty constantly from February through October?  Balls and sticks and stuff.  I adore the baseball.  I follow is obsessively.  Compulsively.  All sorts of other -sivelys.  I like soccer, a lot.  I will watch football out of habit, though I’m not heartbroken after losses, nor do I much care if I miss a game.  I have an interest in basketball, but it’s been somewhat stifled after growing up rooting for the team that traded Charles Barkley when I was 9, and continued to embarrass basketball for the next 8 or so years, before one glorious and unexpected 2000-01 season, after which, professional basketball in Philadelphia become nearly unwatchable, yet again.  Trust me, my friends, you are unaware of true emotional pain until Kevin Ollie has been your starting point guard.  At least there’s still the Big Five.  I like hockey, especially in the playoffs, but have little interest in non-Flyer teams.  But when baseball season comes along…well, there’s not room in my heart for much else. 

So I haven’t spent the time I’d like searching out more interesting stories.  I concentrated on just “getting posts up”, rather than the actual act of writing.  So, I burned myself out after spending a couple hours every Sunday slowly uploading rookie pitcher stats and rambling on about a rise in WHIP and how great Tim Lincecum is whenever he doesn’t face the Phillies. 

No more of that.  Well, I’ll still do GoodEnough and the other features, but I’m not sure if they’ll still be as clockwork as they once were.  Perhaps Sine Macula will only appear on those occasions when I cannot stop listening to Tea for the Tillerman or OK Computer or More Songs About Buildings and Food.  If you like those posts, fear not.  It’s not uncommon that I’m struck by the desire to hear good music over and over again.  I’m going to simplify the GoodEnough standings to make them easier to update.  Sorry, you’ll have to look up stats like ERA and WHIP and all that yourself.  I really recommend Baseball-Reference.com if you’re looking for that kind of info.  But I’ll still write when the standings undergo an interesting change, or if there’s a young pitcher worth profiling (like this Justin Germano fellow, who used to play for the Phillies).  I’m several books behind for the Book Shelf, but I’ll try to get up some quick and dirty write-ups for them in the future.  As always, Foot&Meter, my favorite column, will continue to get written sporadically, though I’m still going to shoot for roughly once per month.  I missed May, I know, but maybe I’ll try to hit June twice. 

I’m going to return to politics.  Partly because I find it interesting, and partly out of habit.  I’m definitely returning to science–it’s been far too long since we wrote about space and bird flu.  We’re going to start a new series in a few weeks, dealing with unusual subject matter for this blog, with the posts mostly coming from Mrs Thursday.  I’m not sure how well this one will work–it’s possible that, under the circumstances, we might have to start the series in September instead of early July, but I promise more information soon, and quality posts later. 

So, that’s that.  I’m back, and thus, I’m back in the habit of harassing Andy, Katie, and Paul into writing, again.  They slacked in my absence.  Nerds.  I don’t know how often we’ll have new posts here.  Probably not everyday, but I promise you that most of our posts will be worth reading.  Given our likely irregularity, I highly recommend you read us via feed (mrthursday.com/feed).  And I hope you continue to enjoy us–we only hope to improve. 

-Mr Thursday


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One response to “A Grand Return

  1. Whew! You had me worried for a minute there. I thought this was going to end with “You can all kiss my ass, I quit” or something.

    Like Sooze says “It’s a blog!”, meaning “do whatever you want!”.

    But those hits sure are tasty on a bagel….

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