Where You See Lions: An Introduction


Why wouldn’t a person choose to spend nine weeks of their life without electricity, without running water, 7200 miles from home, living with a polygamist family who speak Kiluhya outside in their remote home in the village Shibuli, an hour’s travel from the closest “major” Kenyan city, Kakamega? I will seek to answer these questions as I uproot my life in the coming weeks to move to Shibuli and work at the Uzima Youth Foundation.

Contributing to the foundations already impressive programs, I will start a theater program for children who have been orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS in the community. Do I know what I’m doing? Probably not. But it should be an interesting experience to say the least.

Additionally, I will be learning Swahili as I stay there. Although, when I return to the US, there will be a good chance I will have only mastered two phrases: Hapana (No) and Sielewi (I don’t understand).

I will try to update Where You See Lions (WYSL) as often as I can. However, my internet access will be limited due to the lack of electricity, so I may not be able to post from Kenya with my usual, ahem, clockwork regularity. It happens. Nevertheless, I will update as often as I can find opportunity.

In the meantime, enjoy your running water. Enjoy your lights at night. I will be typing by battery powered lamp.

Tutaonana (Goodbye).


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