Eagles Fans > All Others


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am not an overwhelming NFL fan, though I am an Eagles fan.  That is, I don’t watch too much football that doesn’t involve my hometown team.  I am, however, a big fan of Eagles fans.  In fact, Eagles fans are a big part of the reason I’m into football at all.  They consistently amaze me. 

Now, it seems to me by, ya know, reading messages boards (and the comments area of Deadspin), that the Eagles’ fanbase is reviled much the way the Yankee fanbase is reviled among baseball fans.  We are loud, arrogant, cruel, merciless, and everywhere.  Especially when the Eagles are playing well, the Eagle Fan Juggernaut cannot be stopped by factors like geography, and other teams’ fans.  Games in New York, Washington, Florida, Texas, California, and elsewhere are overrun by overweight, moustachioed loudmouths, singing our fight song and cheering E-A-G-L-E-S! 

Now, last January, Philadelphians, unsatisfied by the global warming-induced 65 degree weather, decided to import snow to throw snowballs at New York Giants fans in the parking lot before a playoff game in Philly.  It was an stunning, fantastic move for a playoff celebration. 

Now, Philly fans have long attended–in giant numbers–the Eagles training camp at Lehigh University, north of the city.  I have no idea if training camp is remotely as popular among other teams as it is with the Eagles, but regardless, there’s certainly a lot of people there, and the rest of the fans can’t help but pay attention to the reports coming out of there.  It would seem, though, that this year a few intrepid Eagles fans found themselves boldly going into foreign territory. 

Five fans, in full Eagle regalia, attended the Dallas Cowboy’s training camp recently.  Naturally, the Cowboy fans weren’t fond of this, and started up the standard, “Eagles suck” chants.  The Philly boys responded with some pro-Eagle chanting, and by getting themselves interviewed for the local news:

One of the Iggles fans explained, “We came down here to see if they learned how to kick an extra point yet.”  And the group knew their presence would be upsetting to former Eagle [Terrell] Owens – not because of bad memories, but as they said, “We’re getting all of T.O.’s camera time.” 

Just outstanding stuff there.  More reason for the rest of the NFL to hate us, and more reason for the hometown to be proud.  We don’t like you lot, anyway.  I’m looking at you, Joe Gibbs. 

[From SportsbyBrooks, via The700Level]



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3 responses to “Eagles Fans > All Others

  1. Sportsattitude

    Eagles fans are the most passionate of all sports fans. They talk about their team 24/7, 365 days a year. They’ve supported the team through many, many lean years. It’s hysterical how ESPN will constantly take shots AT them and then can’t wait to take shots OF them when they have one of their games or are showing highlights. They know Eagles fans are always gonna “bring it” whether it be training camp or a Super Bowl.

  2. Andy

    Hell of a city we got. Great piece, TC.

  3. And by “bring it”, I suppose you mean our bail money.

    God, I love my fellow Philly fans…

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