I’m Sure You’ve Been Lonely, My Series of Tubes

Mrs Thursday and I spent the past week in Amsterdam, which is, of course, a city most well known for its legalized soft drug and prostitution scenes.  We’re all home now–Mrs Thursday is home for the first time in months, and is thrilled to see her beloved attack dog, who, thankfully, has not forgotten her scent.  She’ll have her final Where You See Lions post(s) in the next few days, and I’ll have some Dutch related material later today, but at the moment, I’m just thinking about everything that’s happened since I was last here. 

An incomplete list

  • Penn State won 59-0.  Absurd.  Just absurd.
  • The time is 10:35 and Michigan still sucks.  bEspecially since the loss comes at the hands of Appalachian State, I am thrilled, almost to the point of pride, that this occured.  Appalachian State has long been a minor object of my affections as the ESPN ticker abbreviates them as “App St”, which I always read as “Apple Street”.  I get wonderful images of the guys from the neighborhood pickup team playing against various college juggernauts.  Thrilled for them.  For all you porno-joke needs, as ever, see The Extrapolater.   
  • Juan Encarnacion has been blinded.  This is a terrible tragedy, of course.  I know next to nothing of the man, and only got a basic summation of the event on the way home from the airport, but really, between this and the first base coach who was killed earlier this year, is it only a matter of time before everyone on the field is wearing protective visors?  At the very least, everyone’s going to pay a bit more attention to the ball, I think.
  • Phillies sweep Mets, postseason hopes skyrocket, get whomped by Marlins, and depression regains its foothold.  Damn you Phillies.  It’s always nice to hear that Pat Burrell is getting the better of Billy Wagner, though. 
  • Liverpool kills all.  They beat Toulouse 4-0 in a Champions League match, and then stomped Premiership doormat Derby 6-0 on Saturday.  Mrs Thursday and I found ourselves in a bar with every Scouser in Amsterdam, watching the Derby game.  Lots and lots of fun there. 
  • Michael Jackson died.  No, not the singer.  The Beer Hunter.  Worldwide, the most influential beer enthusiast ever, I think.  He had been sick for a long time, and the internet has been filled with wonderful words about the man’s effects on people’s perceptions of beer.

I’d like to address one Curious Mechanism related tidbit in a bit more detail.  Someone named Dave took it upon himself to go after an older post of ours, written by Andy, entitled, “Why can’t we all just live in one time zone?”, which addresses a certain love for the Liverpool Football Club, and some comments regarding the difficulty of watching Premiership football on this side of the Atlantic.  I’m quite obviously aping the FireJoeMorgan format, as I comment upon Dave’s comments.  Dave, if you find yourself back here, I’d love to chat. 

Link to the original article: http://mrthursday.com/2007/03/31/why-cant-we-all-just-live-in-one-time-zone/

[Dave’s comments are in bold]

Dude did you call Liverpool beautiful? The name itself reminds of a place I’d never want to be.

Are you saying that Ugly Name = Ugly Place?  I will argue that the far uglier name of Dingle is home to a wonderful penninsula in Ireland, with rocky hills and lakes and fog, and all that marvelous Irish stuff.  Also, the name is basically like saying “Birdpond”, except in this case, the bird is of the mythical variety.  It’s a modestly catchier name than “Phoenix Bathing Place”, I think.   

The weather’s terrible and without the Gulf Stream it would be something more like Moscow.

I haven’t been to Liverpool myself, though Andy can speak it to, I think.  If my own experiences in England and the rest of Europe would allow me to hazard a guess, I’d imagine that Liverpool gets a little bit of rain every day, with weather regularly in the 60s, with a cool, stiff, seabreeze floating through the town.  I bet I’m close.  Also, given Liverpool’s seaside location, even ignore that Liverpool does, in fact, have the Gulf Stream, wouldn’t it be more like St Petersburg?  I’ve always wanted to go to St Petersburg, myself.  Venice of the north and all that.  Home to Dostoevsky.  Wonderful stuff.

Not to mention it was a city built on early slave trade and grew into a dirty Industrial Revolution byproduct.

Isn’t this true for almost all European port cities?  Marseilles?  Casablanca?  Gilbralter?  Brighton?  Regardless, I think the author was more gently needling the traditional American sportscaster greeting: “Welcome to beautiful downtown Liverpool, where we bring you today’s fixture between Liverpool and their arch-rivals, Arsenal!”  You get the idea.     

You are sooooo lucky you have the Beatles and LFC, unless everyone would only know you for building the Titanic. [Weirdly and unnecessarily hostile remarks have been edited by moderator]

This is even weirder than that comment about Moscow and the Gulf Stream.  Dave, your argument seems to be, basically, “if you take away all the wonderful things about Liverpool, this city if cold and dark and miserable and lonely.”  This, of course, can be applied almost anyway.  “If New York didn’t have my favorite pizza place and all those punk bands and the  Yankees, it’d just be known for having tall buildings.” 

Also, I don’t see why it’s bad for Liverpool to be known for building the Titanic.  The Titanic didn’t sink because of any sort of structural failure.  It was some bad luck, and bad decision-making.  When Liverpool was done with the thing, it was the greatest ship in the world. 

Also, even without the Beatles, Liverpool has Elvis Costello.  Elvis Costello + The Beatles = best 1-2 punch, musically, for any city in the world? 

Oh and you would be speaking German if it weren’t for America.

Uh, we’re all part of America, ya know.  Andy is also Canadian, since he’s got dual citizenship.  I’m not sure why any of us would be speaking German.  If this is a WW2 reference and you’re assuming we/he are/is British, I mean, well, what are you trying to say?  Of course if England hadn’t recieved help (and Germany hadn’t overextended themselves trying to get to Russia), then it’s possible that people living in Liverpool today would be speaking German.  Possible.  But is that something to be ashamed of?  I can’t see why.  Do any intelligent Americans disrespect the British for recieving our help 60 odd years ago?  Do any intelligent Europeans feel shame at having recieved that help?  I hope not. 

More soon.


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