Dead Media

The New York Times long-lived, and world famous slogan is, “All the news that’s fit to print”.  Interestingly, they’ve taken this to a new level recently, having decided that a full page advertisement for, which attacks US Army Chief of Staff General David Petraeus, was so fit for printing that it deserved at 54% discount

The NYT normally charges $142,000 for a full page advertisement.  MoveOn’s attack ad only cost the organization $65,000.  Naturally, Republican politicians (as well as the usual crew of Republic talking heads) are declaring their disgust for MoveOn and for the NYT.   Democrats, meanwhile, are sidestepping.  According to the above-linked article from the Washington Post, Sen. Hillary Clinton said that she does not approve of attack advertisements, but she would not criticize MoveOn. 

The New York Times has been beset by scandal after scandal for the past several years.  In the meanwhile, the writing has suffered, the journalism has become shallow, yellow, and repetitive, and the political bias which was, I think, once a myth, appears to be coming true. 

For Democrats, MoveOn works as a parallel mechanism to Fox News.  It reaches a large fanbase, hysterically opposing the “other side”, and has the ability to influence a lot of voters on political issues.  Especially voters who are too dumb, lazy, or closed-minded to consider the alternatives to their predispossed beliefs.  To be honest, I’m occasionally entertained by Fox News (Hannity is some kind of comic genius.  His treatment of Colmes is reminscent of the way a 1980s action movie hero dispatches lesser baddies).  I cannot recall ever being entertained by MoveOn.  Nonetheless, they do their thing, as Fox does theirs, and they’re really not to blame here.

Whoever allowed MoveOn to get a $77,000 discount deserves to be fired, and frankly, if I were the editor of The Podunk County Times, I wouldn’t give the man a job. 



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2 responses to “Dead Media

  1. Paul

    so i guess the moral of this piece is…”If you can’t be objective, be funny”?

  2. TC

    Not at all. I just appreciate the honesty of Hannity’s biases. Conservative talking heads have called The New York Times the flagship of the “liberal media” for years, and this has been largely untrue, outside of some of their Op/Ed columnists. As it turns out, though, the bias DOES exists, and the New York Times is unwilling to admit it. Sources with hidden agendas are bad sources. I’m done with the NYT.

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