Is there no way for me to enlarge the font?  I’d like to be in giant letters, proclaiming the citywide awesome with vigor and volume to anyone who enters my webspace. 

The wildcard is for pussies.  We’re going for the division. 

Hamels, still recovering from injury, starts tonight, the first game of a 3 game SEASON.  The Mets play the Fish, and the Phils play the Nats, but both teams are really facing each other.  The division might take 90 wins.  It’ll almost certainly take at least 89, even with the Mets floundering. 

The Phils have gotten solid pitching the past 2 games, from Lohse and Kendrick and won solid, but fairly close victories.  Tonight, I want a Roman triumph.  I want to win by such a margin that the Mets, who have been in first place for the past 159 games, feel like they can’t catch the team they’re tied with, whether they win or lose. 

I want Murphy’s Law in Shea Stadium.  I want a divine hand at the Bank. 

I’ll be at the game tonight, with Mrs Thursday, and the Brothers Thursday.  I’ll be there on Sunday as well.  It’s Papa Thursday’s birthday.  With a little luck, Sunday won’t be about drama and competetition.  With a little luck, the Phils will just have a day  to celebrate their first postseason birth in 14 years, and their second since I was born. 

With just a little more luck…



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  1. Sportsattitude

    Mr. Thursday, the “divine hand” already has a full-time residence at Citizens Bank. Please read more at Go Phils!

  2. I’m pulling for the Phils, for your sake, but I also really want to see the Rockies make it in.

  3. Sportsattitude

    Extra P…will be rooting for your Rockies for your sake…even though we in Philly would rather play the Padres…right, Mr. Thursday? How ABOUT those PHILLIES!

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