Funny Games: A Thousand Words

I’m kind’ve a movie poster nerd.  If Mrs Thursday allows me, at least one room of our home will someday find itself covered from ceiling to baseboard in movie posters.  Now, I’m not very into most movie posters.  I don’t like the ones that just toss a bunch of images together, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.  Nor do I care much for the single images that don’t actually show anything, like Scarface, or Vertigo.  I like my movie posters to be an image from the movie, or an image that looks like it could have been from the movie.  I love the way this poster captures the energy and light-hearted action of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I’ve never even seen Straw Dogs, but I’d be lying if I said this poster didn’t make me want to.

The poster above, for Michael Haneke’s remake of his own movie, Funny Games, is one of the very best posters I’ve seen in a long time.  I don’t know what just happened to Naomi Watts, but I can imagine some of the circumstances.  Look at everything there.  The tear, is obvious–she’s upset.  Her hair is disheveled–why?  Her mouth is slightly opened–is she shocked, frightened, surprised?  Her single visible eye is wide open, and her eyebrow is level as she gazes straight ahead–is that relief?  Is she overcoming whatever frightens or shocks her? Additionally, the somewhat grimey nature of image gives it a 1970s quality, and seems to add to hostility, while its dull colors bring out Naomi Watts’ green eye. 

It’s an intriguing poster.  I’m not much familiar with the Haneke fellow.  Mrs Thursday saw his movie, Cache last year, but I have no idea if she liked it.  Her report on the movie: “Weird, just weird.”  And the she wanders away, babbling incoherently.  But do I want to see this movie?  Yes, I think I do.



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3 responses to “Funny Games: A Thousand Words

  1. I actually found your post by googling “Funny Games” poster. I completely agree, it is the best poster in a long time…sounds corny, but when I saw it @ the theater, I was kind of mesmerized…such a great, gritty photo and simple graphic design. Equally retro and modern at the same time…

  2. Alex

    Does anyone know who is responsible for the design of the poster?

  3. James

    It was created by via Crew Creative Advertising. You can find the movie poster section in the bio page.

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