Dane Cook, who is a hack, is on my television frequently lately, telling me that there is only one October.  I have no idea what the hell this is supposed to mean, but I ignore it as I ignore all the ramblings of celebrities and other lunatics. 

October is, easily, my favorite part of the sports year (for the record, March is a strong second place).  Here’s why:

Baseball is in its playoffs.  Now the baseball playoffs have a lot of problems, and it is somewhat crazy to reduce the marathon grind of the MLB regular season to a bunch of Best of 7 series to determine a “champion”.  Honestly, I truly believe that either the Cleveland Indians or the Boston Red Sox are the best team in the league, and that we won’t necessarily know any more about who’s “best” when their series is over than we do now.  And no, I would not be saying this if the Phillies were still in the playoffs.  At least, I wouldn’t be saying it yet.  Regardless, despite the plethora of problems with the way the MLB runs its postseason, I still compulsively enjoy watching it. 

Football season doesn’t start until October.  Now, personally, my interest in football is on a rapid decline over the past couple of years–especially this year.  However, for those of you who do care, you all know, September isn’t going to tell you too much about a given team.  By the end of October, we’ll know who is who. 

HOCKEY.  Hockey is back.  Oh, God, hockey is back. 

I love hockey.  I love the Flyers.  I love the rough and rowdy players who are mostly out there to give and receive concussions.  I love the little speedy guys who try to avoid contact.  I like watching it on TV, and I love watching it live. 

In the picture up there, from left to right, is Joffrey Lupul (1 goal last night), Mike Richards (2 goals last night) and Daniel Briere (1 goal last night).  The Flyers humiliated the Vancouver Canucks in an 8-2 rout, with goals from Briere, Richards, Lupul, Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne, RJ Umberger, and Mike Knuble. 

Last year the Flyers were the dregs of the league.  I don’t know if they’re good enough to head back to the top this year, but, so far, they look like a lot of fun to watch. 


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