Especially You, HedonismBot! 5: Winter Beer Supply

hedonism_bot.jpgWe haven’t talked about beer for a while, but fear not! Mr Thursday has been drinking with wide-eyed (and open-mouthed) enthusiasm, and will begin reporting on delicious brews with more regularity very soon. For the past several months, (since roughly the beginning of June), Mrs Thursday and I have been stocking up on beer. For winter. Like squirrels. Like squirrels with drinking problems.

The thought of storing beer is something we learned about with a beer called Aldaris Porteris. It’s a Latvian beer that has an odd sort of tang when it’s fresh. However, if you let the beer sit for just a couple of months, the beer smooths out considerably, and you’re left with a thick and delicious beer. I became intrigued by beer storage, by cellaring. So we did some research about it–about what stores well, about what to expect in storage, about how best to store beer, and then we started packing beer away. Sometimes we’d buy beers we had drank before, just to stick them in storage. Some cases we’d buy, and drink most of, only leaving a couple of bottles in storage. Sometimes, half the case would go for immediate consumption, and the other half into the WBS.

The collection sits in boxes under a desk. About once a week, I come home with another case, and spend several minutes talking Mrs Thursday into why this was a good idea. Gradually, this conversation has become more difficult for me. But we agreed not to touch the WBS until Thanksgiving, and if I can’t subtract from the beer, I might as well add to it.

The supply, at present, sits at 221 234 bottles (and will continue to grow until Thanksgiving). Originally, the goal was to buy enough beer to last two people for three months, if each person is drinking one bottle per night. There’s an understanding, of course, that we won’t drink that much that quickly. Some of these bottles are your standard 12oz, while some are liter-sized, and some are 750ml–wine bottle sized. These beers will last us well beyond three months, even if we don’t purchase any more of them, and some of these will last several years, as we’ll just wait with them for the “perfect” time to pop their tops. Needless to say, I’m giddy. Not to mention, we’re going to try very hard to document most of the beers here. We have sixty-four different beers at present. Some of them are unavailable in Philadelphia. Others are unavailable in the US. We have beers from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Michigan, Delaware, Indiana, Oregon, and New York in the US. Internationally, we have beers from Canada, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Kenya, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland and Sweden.

It takes more than a village to build my beer collection.

So, for those of you who are curious about new and different and weird beers, we’re still useful for that. And just wait until Thanksgiving–we’re going to become REALLY useful for that.

After the break, the Winter Beer Supply.

The WBS opens up on Thanksgiving. From that point onward, the beer will, gradually, get write-ups on this site, When it does, each beer will get a link to the appropriate post.

  • 10 Commandments
  • 10,000th Batch
  • 120 Minute IPA
  • Alpha Klaus Christmas Porter
  • Aventinus
  • Bam Biere
  • Black Hole
  • Blasphemy
  • Breakfast Stout
  • Brune
  • Celebrator
  • Centennial IPA
  • Chateau Jiahu
  • Columbus
  • Curieux
  • Cuvee Van de Kaizer
  • Dark Force
  • Dirty Bastard
  • Don de Dieu
  • Double IPA
  • Expedition Stout
  • Extra Export Stout
  • Fat Dog Stout
  • Fort
  • Fred
  • Golden Monkey
  • Gonzo Imperial Porter
  • Gouden Carolus Tripel
  • Harvest Ale (SN)
  • Hiver
  • HopBack Amber
  • Hopfen-Weisse
  • IJ Wit
  • Imperial IPA (Green Flash)
  • Imperial Porter (Southampton)
  • Judgement Day
  • Keggen Stormaktsporter
  • Lost and Found
  • Mad Elf
  • Madrugada Obscura
  • Moonglow
  • Natte
  • Nieuw Ligt
  • Nocturnem
  • Noel
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Oaked Bastard
  • Oesterstout
  • Old Rasputin
  • Old Viscosity
  • Olde School Barleywine
  • Oro de Calabaza
  • Pale Ale (Founders)
  • Plzen
  • Podge Belgian Imperial Stout
  • Porter (Sinyebrychoff)
  • Porter (Zywiec)
  • Porteris
  • Printemps
  • Raison D’Extra
  • Red Barn
  • Red Rye
  • Rochefort 8
  • Rugged Trail
  • Scrimshaw
  • Silly Saison
  • Still Nacht
  • Struis
  • Traquair Jacobite
  • Tripel (Stoudts)
  • Triple Bock
  • Tusker Premium Lager
  • Westvleteren 6 (Green Caps)
  • Westvleteren 8 (Blue Caps)
  • Westvleteren 12 (Gold Caps)
  • XI Anniversary Ale
  • Zatte


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10 responses to “Especially You, HedonismBot! 5: Winter Beer Supply

  1. Do you have to be concerned about temperature, like with wine? I assume so, to some degree. Now that I actually have a basement in my home, I should look into this idea.

    Or, better yet, come to Philadelphia, meet the Thursdays, and mooch like my life depended on it.

  2. TC

    You do have to worry about temperature, a bit. I’m not sure how anal one must be about wine, but for beer, it’s generally best to keep the beer cool–about 50 degrees. Dark is more important. Light, especially sunlight, will ruin beer. “Skunking” is a product of light, not, as myths would suggest, a product of beers warming to room temp, then going into a fridge, then warming again.

    We can’t afford a proper “cellar”, and we don’t–yet–have a Dedicated Beer Fridge, so we just try to keep the room as cool as possible, and as dark as possible.

    If we planned on aging beers for 5 or 10 or more years, we’d obviously take more precautions. And if you wanna come and mooch some beers, you’re welcome to–as long as it’s after Thanksgiving.

  3. I just discovered that Virginia is going to the Palestra to play Penn in November. I think I can talk my STF buddy Marco into going, which gives me a semi-important excuse to come to Philly. I wouldn’t make you break out your beers early, but I would meet you at that Belgian gastropub you talked about in your other post. If it happens, which is always a matter of fate, and bargaining.

  4. “and we don’t–yet–have a Dedicated Beer Fridge”

    I love Katie’s face every time you bring this up.

  5. TC

    I’d look forward to that, my friend. Hell, I might be able to join you at the game. Mrs Thursday’s dad has season tickets to the Palestra, off which I would happily mooch…

  6. I just realized it’s the day after Thanksgiving, which could be a difficult sale for Mrs. Extrapolater, but we’ll see. I’ll have to see how I can make it worthwhile from her point of view. I have no idea if she’d want to come with, or would be annoyed that I wanted to leave during a holiday weekend.

  7. She seems to be game. I’ll let you know when the plan becomes more firm.

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