Streee-rike Two!

This post is only called “Stee-rike Two!” because on Friday, we did “Stree-rike!”, in which all your Curious Mechanism related fears involving the Writers’ Strike (which is no longer impending, but, in fact, “here”) were resolved.  It’s Monday.  Unionized writers who get paid to do their thing are watching soap operas, while we are at work, looking over our shoulders in case our bosses catch us writing for this blog.

Anyway, we’re offering to resolve, in a small and temporary way, the strike.  How, you ask? 

I’m offering my services as Scab Extraordinaire. 

I will boldly cross picket lines (I write on the Internets, so, really, the “boldness” is relative) to write for your show, to keep it on the air, and to keep the sponsors coming back.  TO KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING LIKE BOXED WINE AT A SORORITY PARTY. 

What I will not do, however, is write shit.  The LA Times has done a standup job of posting a grid with every show on TV that will or will not be affected by the strike.  You want me to write for your show, I’ll some demands, damnit.


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One response to “Streee-rike Two!

  1. “we are at work, looking over our shoulders”

    Here we see the dangers inherent in the editorial “we”. I’m having Bosch-level visions of you trying to look over both shoulders at the same time.

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