Ed Wade Continues to Bring Veteran Relievers to Phillies

Astros (and former Phillies) GM Ed Wade completed a trade with current Phils GM Pat Gillick last night, sending Geoff Geary, Michael Bourn, and minor league third baseman Mike Costanzo to Houston for closer Brad Lidge and infielder Eric Bruntlett.  [Link]

Personally?  It’s hard to tell what’s happening with Lidge.  His numbers were mostly good in 2006, though his home run rate was elevated, and his general luck worsened, and posted a hefty 5.28 ERA.  Last year, his K/9 rate was down, and his home run rate was almost identical to 2007, and yet the ERA dropped to a nice 3.36.  The question is, of course, whether Costanzo or Bourn turn into league average every day players.  Costanzo is a slugging third basemen with a pretty good eye at the plate, but he’s a catastrophe in the field, and will likely have to be moved to first base or left field.  Plus, there is, apparently, some question about whether his swing translates to the majors.  Bourn is a very light hitting speedster, who may or may not have some semblance of plate discipline.  He’s certainly a good baserunner, and appears to be an above average defensive outfielder, but I have serious reservations about whether his bat can play every day in the majors.  Given Costanzo’s and Bourn’s 11 combined years until free agency versus Lidge’s 1, it would seem that if either Bourn or Costanzo pan out in the majors, Houston gets the better end of the deal.

For the time being Brett Myers will move back into the Phillies rotation, and Lidge will assume closer duties.


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