Barack Obama: Hand and Heart

So, a couple of days ago, there was a mini-controversy surrounding Democrat Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who was accused of keeping his hands at his sides during the Pledge of Allegiance.  In addition, while all his competitors placed hand on heart and said the pledge, Obama kept his mouth silent and shut.

As it turns out, Obama and company were merely witnessing the national anthem, and for odd, unknown reasons, Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson placed their hands on their hearts, while Obama watched the anthem like, ya know, a regular person.

The real story here, though, is the performance, I think.  I don’t know who this woman was, but this is one of the worst anthems I’ve heard in years.  Atrocious.

Watch here:



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2 responses to “Barack Obama: Hand and Heart

  1. Election season just makes me sad for the human race.

  2. Cathy

    Personally, I was taught 50 years ago to put my hand over my heart during the playing of the national anthem. I still do to this day. I do, however, see many people who don’t. Guess it’s just the way you were raised.

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