Vacation Over

So, it’s been well over a month (some would argue close to two months) since we’ve posted on the regular.  Since the last post on this site, the machine to select the next US President has begun its official machinations; There Will Be Blood came out and was bizarre and brilliant; Juno came out and was okay, but beloved; Mrs Thursday went on a household rampage; Michael Nutter was made Mayor of Philly, rapped a bit, and got everybody all sorts of excited; the Patriots went to 18-0; the Flyers played terribly, then grandly; and onward and onward.

The past month or so has been trying for the blog (apparently, when a blog stops posting, readers stop, ya know, reading), and for the proprietors thereof (lack of internet, motivation).  But, we’re back.  I’m back.  There is backness.

In the past, Mr Thursday has been the staging ground for topics the world over.  From the renaming of Indian cities, to the glory of Phillie division winning games, to documentation that, yes, someone in Congress has a legal objection to gravity.  By and large, though, posts tended to deal with two things: baseball, and beer.

As a result, those two topics will now appear on their own blogs, ThursdayBall and MrThursday’s Beer Project.  There is a bit of content on the Beer Project, though the site is on the ugly side for the moment.  ThursdayBall has nothin’, but it looks okay.  Both will start to be updated on the regular, soon.  ThursdayBall ball will deal with all things baseball, with an emphasis on the Phillies.  The Beer Project will deal with all things beer, but with an emphasis on the Philadelphia area, including an ambitious, as-yet-unstarted series of events.

The politics, the science, the movie and book reviews: they’re all staying here.  So, add the other sites to your Feed Readers (if beer and baseball interest you), and stick around a while.


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