I Love The Whole World

This is the new Discovery Channel commercial.  It’s less of an advertisement, and more of a reminder that, as they say, “the world is just awesome”.  After watching this, I couldn’t agree more.




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7 responses to “I Love The Whole World

  1. Katie

    Greatest. Commercial. Ever.

  2. Geez, i know the song is cute and catchy, but everything is NOT awesome, not even rarely. If you love the whole world, savor the feeling before you get to see more of it…

  3. Alex

    God, I knew some angry Leftist scumbag would show up and just HAVE to point out how unhappy he is with the world. There is a lot of good left in this world. Don’t be such a damn baby.

    The world IS awesome. There are so many amazing things here that you’ve never seen, and that we’ve just begun to understand. I think the real point of this commercial is not to tout the world’s “kinetic” awesomeness, but rather its “potential” awesomeness. If the Liberals would stop crying, and genocidal dictators would stop hating everyone, and people would stop thinking of the world as nothing but a platform for forcing this useless “green” bullcrap on people, everyone would be able to appreciate how vast and just plain freaking awesome the Earth is as a life-supporting sphere of kickassedness orbiting an ultra-powerful ball of plasma in this unimaginably gigantic universe.

    I do love mountains, blue skies, going fast, dirty things, and hot magma. Maybe you would too if you could stop being such a dang downer.

  4. Derek

    Hell yea. I am a staunch libertarian. Seeing such gigantic and growing governments around the world saddens me, but the world is a big ball of awesomeness. It is such a big ball of such awesomeness that it is easy to forget about all the bullshit and just appreciate everything.

  5. amy

    I think this is a great commercial and this song has happily been stuck in my head all night long!

  6. taylor

    i need to get this song on fuckin mp3

  7. CFNChris

    MP3 Anyone?

    Oh yeah, and fuck the people who hate this song, or think the world is depressing. Get outside, and maybe then you’ll understand!

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