Talk About An Underdog

The Flyers, of course, are in the Eastern Conference Finals, the third of four rounds in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  ESPN, for the playoffs, has Barry Melrose and the other experts chiming in on who they thought would win each round.

In the first round, everyone picked the Capital to topple the Flyers, except John Buccigross, who held the solitary correct pick for the round.

In round two, Barry Melrose gave the Flyers their kiss of death, as he alone picked them to advance over the Canadiens.  Amazingly, everyone but Barry was wrong, and the Flyers now face the Penguins.

So, after getting no respect for two rounds, you’d think a couple people would come around, especially after the Flyers had shown themselves up to the task against the Penguins in the regular season.

Well, no dice:

Well, screw all you guys.

ESPN: Flyers Are Toast


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