I Sense… Col Mustard, in the Billiard Room, with the Candlestick

There will be a new crime drama this fall, on CBS, featuring a psychic detective.  The show is called The Mentalist.  From Ain’t It Cool:

“The Mentalist” is about a psychic (Simon Baker) who solves crime. It’s not to be confused with “Medium” or “The Dead Zone.” It’s from writer-producer Bruno Heller (“Rome”).

Hercules, of course, refers here to “The Dead Zone”, which was a USA drama starring Anthony Michael Hall as a man who fell into a coma, awaking after six years to discover that he has psychic powers which he uses to solve crime. The show began in 2003 and was canceled in 2007.

Completely independently, of course, is ABC’s drama starring Patricia Arquette as a woman who one day suspects she has psychic abilities, which she then uses to solve crime.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen either show, and I doubt I’ll find any interest in The Mentalist, as I’ve already found the best psychic crime solvers on TV:

It’s like video day around here.

Aint It Cool News: CBS Plans To Rehash Old Shit for Next Year

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