Sometimes, I Feel the Same Way (PSA)

I’ve never had Shiner Bock, nor any other Shiner beers.  I have no problem with the brewery, it’s just that the beer isn’t available out here (or, at least, not widely), so I haven’t had the chance to try it.  I do appreciate that Shiner seems to be one of those bridge breweries–they make beers that are widely consumed near the brewery, and well appreciated, and, I suspect, a lot of Texas craft beer drinkers moved away from BudMillerCoors thanks to Shiner.

All this, of course, is a long winded way to introduce a commercial and public service announcement from Shiner.  Yes, we’re apparently a video blog now.


Hat tip to Stan Hieronymus.

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One response to “Sometimes, I Feel the Same Way (PSA)

  1. Paul

    I’ve had a lot of Shiner Bock in my day, as well as Amber Bock and Shiner Blond, I would be happy to discuss the merits of what I consider to be a delicious beer, or more accurately, a trove of delicious beers.

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