Jones Gets Night Off, Grammar Suffers

We’re here in the top of the first, and Chipper Jones, who’s hitting like crazy this year, has received the night off.  Chris Wheeler’s comment, expressing what SP Cole Hamels must be thinking about it:

“There’s not a lot of pitchers who would not be unhappy to not have him in the lineup.”

Uh, thanks Chris.

Phils Box Score, on


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2 responses to “Jones Gets Night Off, Grammar Suffers

  1. washwords

    ha ha ha. oh man, the sports non sequiturs are abundant everywhere you go. A journalism professor once advised my class NEVER to write anything you’d be ashamed to say out loud. He then added “Sportswriters are most often guilty of this.” true dat.

  2. TC

    The sad thing is, Chris Wheeler is one of the Phillies’ broadcasters. That is, the initial medium for that little statement was, in fact, out loud, to thousands of people in the Philly area.

    Inelegant phrasing, to say it kindly.

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