Running, Running, Running

Well, friends, I’ve started another blog.  All you pale, mom’s basement dwelling, blog reading/writing types might be interested in the topic.  I’m getting in shape (I might be out of the basement, but I’m still a fatty), by training to run the 2009 Broad Street Run in Philadelphia.  It’s easier than a marathon (16.2 miles easier), but still hard enough that I couldn’t possibly do it without getting into shape.

The blog is called Broad Street Runner, and, yes, I’ve been updating it pretty regular for about a week without telling you.  Sorry.  The idea is document the experience of going from a fat, lazy slob to a healthy, running slob.  I’ll write about my improvements as a runner, any races I participate in, things I learn about running and stuff relating running.  Basically, if you wanna read a fat guy talking about his shoes, well, then I’ve got the blog for you.  Otherwise, if maybe you want to start running yourself, then, hopefully the blog well serve as a decent resource, and a reminder that out there, somewhere, is a fat guy trying to run for himself.

Broad Street Runner: A Blog About Going a Little Farther

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