Mr Thursday is Dead

It has become abundantly clear to me, over this past year, that I am no longer a blogger. I’ve never been the most consistent poster of material, on this site or any other, but in 2007 I posted several times each week, rain or shine. Sometimes, my fervor to write something–anything–so overwhelmed my supposed goals for the site that I’d just Google simple phrases looking for news stories to comment on. I’ve imitated writers I’ve admired at various points: most notably, perhaps, William Safire’s NY Times Sunday column “On Language” with the “Foot & Meter” mini-series. I’ve considered only doing occasional, lengthy posts, with thorough and nuanced commentary on a given issue. I’ve tried to post several times a day, every day. I’ve tried to streamline my subject matter, and I’ve tried to categorize it.

That’s been sort of the beauty of this blog. It’s always been anything I’ve wanted it to be. But the fact is, I don’t want to write anymore. Nearly every post for the past 12 months has been pulling teeth. I currently have a host of new posts in draft form, waiting for completion and publication, that will never see the light of day. There is one from months ago about a performance of “Oedipus at Colonus” as performed in a skate park. There is an addition to the Do They All Die? series that is, at its core, a desperate effort to convince Mrs Thursday to rewatch one of my favorite movies. Another post that piggy-backs on that one talking about the place of symbolism in action movies.

There are pounds of thoughts about the Phillies winning the World Series, of course.

I’ve considered closing up shop here for a while, but I like the website, and I like having the forum to chitchat about whatever I like, whenever I like. But the fact is, I don’t want it anymore. The fact is, any time I write, I cannot seem to shake a singular thought from invading not my words and phrases, but my ideas. Everything I write is corrupted by it, and I don’t want to think about it anymore.

This is the last post of the Curious Mechanism. Thanks for reading.

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