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Like a Robot Made of Nails

Paul DePodesta, former LA Dodgers GM, and current Padres front office mensch, has a blog.  It’s notable, more or less, because it’s the first time a front office type has started a public blog, and DePodesta is a smart guy, and Padres fans are going to have the chance to have a fascinating insight into the way their club works, thanks to DePodesta.

Now, Depodesta is just getting started, so it’s possible he’ll play hard to get and his blog will never give fans the kind of insights into decisions they wish for, but even if the blog is a failure in that sense, it will succeed on other levels as long as DePo finds things like this to share:

DePodesta: It Might Be Dangerous…

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I Love The Whole World

This is the new Discovery Channel commercial.  It’s less of an advertisement, and more of a reminder that, as they say, “the world is just awesome”.  After watching this, I couldn’t agree more.



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Soulja Pooh

It might be old, and you might have seen it already, but I promise this doesn’t get old: Go to YouTube, and search for “Soulja Boy Pooh”.  This may be the funniest thing on the internets.

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How Sour the Sound

Okay, hopefully the above video is working, but if it isn’t, click here to watch it. And watch it all the way through, I promise you it’s worth your time.

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Lion vs. Hyena

Why are there not more videos like this? Hat tip is inadequate: Captain Caveman, we genuflect before you for this find. Amazing. Thank you.

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Should Have Sent a Poet

The Dugout is one of the funniest and best websites on the internet. One of the guys responsible for the Dugout, Nick Dallamora, is a student at Virginia Tech, and was in class a building over as the shooting occured on Monday. His chilling account of that morning’s event can be found at AOL Fanhouse, here. Yesterday, Dallamora wrote for Deadspin, talking about the aftermath for the students and community of Virginia Tech. His account is honest and tragic, and worth reading, here.

During the account, Dallamora mentions a spine-tingling speech given by Nikki Giovanni, who’s a poet. Naturally, YouTube-savants, We Are The Postmen managed to find the video of her short speech. Hopefully, it’s posted at the top there, but since I don’t have access to YouTube at work, this is just a wing and a prayer. If you can’t see it above, check it out at We Are The Postmen, here. On Tuesday, we tried to offer poetry, but I don’t think anything we could have offered hear can touch the grace and fire of Giovanni’s poem.


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Pachelbel’s Canon

Mr. Thursday has recently come across two different videos involving the most overplayed piece of classical music in history.  The first is a video of some anonymous young guitarist playing a heavily affected electric guitar along with a recorded version of the aforementioned Canon.  It’s a fun rendition, and though our player has some skill, Mr. Thursday plays a little geeter and can tell you there’s only one maneuver in there that requires any sort of proficiency, and there’s enough distortion on the guitar to mask most errors committed throughout the piece.   All this said, it’s still fun, and here it is.  

Far more pleasurable, in our opinion, is this following clip regarding, again, the Canon de Pachelbel.  It’s invading your life, and you haven’t even realized it.  Special dedication for this video goes out to all the other former cellists out there (yes, Mr. Thursday was once in the 4th grade string orchestra) who know the pain of this piece.

Now if only someone could do one of those about grammar…

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