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Further Proof That Only the First Debate Mattered

Way to go, Economist blog.

Watch here.

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Barack Obama: Hand and Heart

So, a couple of days ago, there was a mini-controversy surrounding Democrat Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who was accused of keeping his hands at his sides during the Pledge of Allegiance.  In addition, while all his competitors placed hand on heart and said the pledge, Obama kept his mouth silent and shut.

As it turns out, Obama and company were merely witnessing the national anthem, and for odd, unknown reasons, Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson placed their hands on their hearts, while Obama watched the anthem like, ya know, a regular person.

The real story here, though, is the performance, I think.  I don’t know who this woman was, but this is one of the worst anthems I’ve heard in years.  Atrocious.

Watch here:



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Keep on Counting!

Firstly, Mr. Thursday feels obligated to apologize in regards to the prolonged absence of the past two weeks.  It was due to no fewer than two illnesses that he really hopes will never happen again.  Regardless, we’re back and, though poorly rested, feeling strong, so we resume with furor and something to WATCH. 

 For those of you with your heads in the sand, President George W. Bush is not so very popular right now.  According to World News (Tonight, RIP), a higher percentage of Americans “Disapprove” or “Strongly Disapprove” of the work being done by the President right now than ever (strongly) disapproved of President Clinton or President George H.W. Bush.  Given that it seems unlikely that President Reagan, even in his least popular moment didn’t have “ratings” this low, we assume that the obsessive polling of U.S. politicians only began in the post-Reagan era.  Either that, or World News correspondent George Stephanopolous is losing his flair for unnecessarily sniping Republican and conservative politicians.  

Regardless, the President, and by proxy, the Republican party aren’t too popular right, as displayed last month when the Democrats “won” back both houses of Congress.  Of course, the Democratic victory was slight, and Mr. Thursday suspects a partisan stalemate over the next two years.  Everyone else seems to suspect this, and, since the field will be wide open, with no incumbent, it’s already time to discuss the next U.S. President. 

The early Republican front-runner is Arizona Senator John McCain.  He is a moderate Republican whose bark is significantly more frightening than his bite is painful, and he’s been accused of war-hawking.  That last point is an interesting one.  McCain wants to add a gazillion more troops to Iraq because he thinks its the only way to achieve peace in the country (probably true).  However, he still advocates for this long after many believe the cause lost in Iraq, and advocating for more guns in a place where many believe guns won’t work can certainly seem hawkish. 

For the Democrats, there are two Senators making noise: New York Senator Hillary “Don’t Call Me Mrs.” Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama, a Senator from Illinois.  Sen. Clinton has the pedigree and the “track record”, while Sen. Obama has the charisma and the beloved Democrat “underdog” status.  How he remains an underdog is a mystery to us, but regardless, that’s the case apparent. 

Regardless, with the election 2 years away, and, to the best of our knowledge, only one candidate declaring themselves in the running, the growing obsession with potential Presidential candidates is astounding.  The New York Times, the American “paper of record” has featured Obama on the front page of their website everydayfor the past week, including today.  In this time, Obama has done. . . nothing.  He’s gone to New Hampshire, he’s gone to Chicago, and he’s been in Washington, DC.  He’s spoken words, and slept on his back, and eaten vegetables.  If the Timesbothered with reporting this kind of minutiae about every senator senior to Obama (there are 97 of them), they would have neither time nor ink to report anything else. 

That said, we appreciate the ludicrous reporting on Obama, and so we introduce to you, the Obama Watch.  We have added this to the sidebar.  It will track the number of articles posted onto the Times‘ front page on Obama (starting with December 1, 2006), and the title of the most recent article and its author.  No decided date for stopping.  Perhaps when Obama declares his intent, or lack thereof regarding the Presidency, perhaps with things start to peter out, perhaps we’ll just get bored and forget to update.  No way of knowing yet.  Regardless, enjoy. 

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