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Not All Bad

Boosters, largely, have a bad reputation in the United States. The perception–one which may or may not be accurate–is that boosters have turned college sports into Big Money Business, and the purity of sport has been lost in a tide of money, gifts, and new equipment. Apparently, not quite all boosters, however, are just turning their cash over to schools in hopes of winning.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale told the University of North Texas to rename their practice facility after fired football coach Darrell Dickey. Dickey was fired last week after having a heart attack on October 12th. If U of NT fails to rename the stadium, McIngvale redirects the money to the One O’Clock Lab Band, the music school at the university.

McIngvale believes, and Mr. Thursday is inclined to agree, that it’s wrong and, well, asinine thing to fire a coach three weeks after having a heart attack. While its true that Dickey doesn’t have a winning record at North Texas, it doesn’t seem as though they’ve had one in a while, anyway. And even if the coach did deserve firing, its disgraceful to kick someone who’s already on the ground. Let the guy finish out his contract after recovering from the heart attack, already.

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