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Google Earth

Google is a benevolent empire that has invaded every portion of our technological lives from basic information search to U.S. patent searches to shopping. Everything is on Google. Therefore, it wasn’t much of a stretch that their new feature: Google Earth would be equally amazing. “Hey! I can see my house from space!” Who doesn’t enjoy that?

When exploring Google Earth, one can scan over areas of the entire world. The United States and much of Western Europe are highly detailed. When you zoom in enough, you can pick out roads, favorite parks, cars, etc. When you drift farther away from the West, the picture becomes a little fuzzier. Tajikistan shows all of the physical characteristics of the country, but I couldn’t see one hut. (But if you want to look at something fun, find Mount Everest). However, there is one part of Google Earth that stands out when you scan the world. In the middle of Africa, you can see a series of fires, videos, and what appears to be a chaotic conglomeration of links and pictures. This is Darfur.

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