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Sine Macula – The Hottest New Group in Jazz

sinemacula2.jpgI want desperately to make you want to own this album. Not only is it on the short list for my favorite album, but it’s, perhaps, the album on this list you’re least likely to find on your own. I was introduced to it a number of years ago from a friend who has a master’s degree in Jazz Vocals. It was spring of 2000. She puts this album on a stereo while we’re eating breakfast together, and I’m completely blown away. I bought the album as soon as I could afterward. I have not yet met another person who has even heard of this band. It is for that reason, that I want, fervently, passionately, hysterically, to impress on you how good this album is.

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross were a jazz vocal trio, consisting (quite obviously) of Dave Lambert, Jon Hendrick, and Annie Ross. Their style of music is called “vocalese”, and consists of singing the music played by an instrument. Vocalese differs from scat in that scat consists of nonsense words (“bap ba doo dweeba da habba da bop da dop” and the like, according to Wikipedia) whereas vocalese consists of actual words forming phrases, forming lyrics. No one was better at this than LH&R.

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